Relocation Assistantmade for companies

RELONEE is a customer-driven online solution that ensures a smooth and professional relocation process. We will make your experience with bureaucracy as hassle free as possible and support you every step of the way.


Your benefits with us

  • Digital

    Our automated, user optimized and data driven online tool will fit on your mobile and all other devices.

  • Experienced

    Our app is based on a perfect combination of experience in software development, business creation and assistance with immigration processes.

  • Transparent

    We ensure fixed conditions with set prices for all our services and a predictable process which is visible at any time.

  • Personal

    Our goal is perfect client satisfaction - we are your partner for relocating your international employees and keep your assignee feel safe and confident.

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Made for companies

RELONEE takes over the relocation process for your international employees from signing the offer to the moment of holding a longterm residence title in their hands. You can stay updated by a real time tracking of the process on your personalized dashboard anytime.

Business user interface

Smooth and professional

You can entrust us with safely and efficiently organizing your relocation. At RELONEE we will optimize the support of your international employees by using an automated process and giving you a platform that contains all relevant information and documents.

Eligibility check

We will check your immigration chances in advance free of charge based on relevant requirements.

Step by step

Share your data following our instructions on any device. We will then prepare the relevant paperwork for you and guide you through the process.

Comfortable arrival

We will make sure you follow the necessary steps until you can start your life in Germany and you have no further bureaucratic to do’s.
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